Work, Accommodation & Crane Barge

The work, Accommodation & Crane Barge will accommodation site work supporting of lifting heavy structure for project execution.

Ship’s Name KH A1
Length OA 70.10m
Breadth 19.51m
Depth 4.30m
GRT / NRT 1555 Ton / 467 Ton
DWT 2552.6 Ton [At Level trim]
Deck Crane 150Ton

Anchor Handling Tug Supply ( AHTS )

The AHTS will Accommodate site work supporting of anchoring platform for project execution.

Ship’s Name KH 4500
Class ABS
Length OA 57.44m
Breadth 12.50m
Depth 5.80m
GRT / NRT 1089 Ton / 326 Ton
DWT 545 Ton at DF 4.00m100 Ton at DF 4.91m
Deck Crane 5 Ton / m2

Work Barge

The Barge will accommodate site work team and be moored near a platform for performance.

Ship’s Name KH B1
Class Germanischer Lloyd
Length OA 67.3m
Breadth 19.51m
Depth 4.27m
GRT / NRT 1481 Ton / 445 Ton
DWT APPROX. 3000mt
Deck Crane 10 Ton / m2

Tug Boat

The Tug Boat will make vessels move by pushing or towing them in harbor area.

Ship’s Name KH T1
Class RINA
Length OA 27.08m
Breadth 8.20m
Depth 4.10m
GRT / NRT 226 GT / 68 NT
Deck Crane