Delivery of Shipbuilding (2,800 DWT CPP Tanker : H0001)


Execution of Deepsea Nordkapp Project


Execution of Shipbuilding (2,800 DWT CPP Oil Tanker : H0001)
Execution of Mad dog II Project
Execution of Johan Sverdrup Project
Execution of Martin Linge Project
Execution of Myanmar SHWE MEG Project
Start-up Shipbuilding Business


Execution of Shell Prelude Project

Execution of INPEX Ichthys Project

Execution of Kinabalu Petronas Project


Load-out of SARB 4 Package E-house

Establishment of the KONG Offshore Malaysia SDN. BHD

Certificate for Best Venture Company in 3 segments : continuous growth, job creation, global presence 【Venture business association】

Execution of JMU LNG Work

$50-Million Export Tower/53th Trade Day


Execution of SARB (Satha AI-Razboot) 4 Package E-House Project (EPC)

Awarded 100 billion WON venture by Korea Venture Business Association

BP Q204 100day LTI free Achieved “Runner-up-sub-contractor”

Execution of Clair Ridge Module Construction Work

Execution of Quad 204 Turret Carry Over Work & MC Punch Clear

Certificate of Achieving the target record of zero-accident : 2 times

Authorized Economic Operator(AEO) Certificate

Execution of KNPC Clean Fuels Project E-House Site Commissioning Work

Start-up Cruise Commissioning Business


Execution of KNPC Clean Fuels E-House Project (EPC)

Execution of Turret Carryover Work Phase2

MOU for Semi-sub Rig Living Quarter Project (Doosung-ho, KNOC)

Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit

Certificate of Hidden Champion Candidate (Korea Credit Guarantee Fund)

Certificate of Good Work Place (Korea Credit Guarantee Fund)


Achilles JQS Cert

Certificate of Achieving the Target Record of Zero-Accident

Certificate of Commendation (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)

Start-up Subsea Equipment Engineering Business


Establishment of the ARA Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Execution of F&G System Console (Rockwell)

Execution of LGNC Emergency shut Down System (Honeywell Korea)

Certificate of INNO-BIZ (Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea)

Establishment of the KHAN Commissioning Service Co.,Ltd.

Start-up Brown Field Upgrade (Chevron Nigeria)

Fabrication of CSU (Continuous Ship Uploader) #1, #2


ISO 9001:14001, OHSAS 18001 (DNV GL)

Execution of QC Inspection services

Establishment of the KHAN OBI Factory

Certificate of MAIN-BIZ (Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea)

Development of Driller’s Cabin Simulation Equipment and Control System

Certificate for Best Company to Create Employment (Governor of Gyeongsangnam-do)

Development of Remote Mo Monitoring & Control System of Fresh water Supply Equipment for Vessel Sea trial. (STX)

$30-Million Export Tower / 48th Trade day

Start-up Operation Training Simulator Business

Establishment of the KHAN Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Start-up Modification at Alongside the Quay


MOU to Basic Engineering Technology Service Enterprise – Jangbogo-Ⅲ (Batch-Ⅰ)Project (KERI)

Development of Heave Compensator (MOTIE)

Design & Package Development for Integrated Circuit of Acceleration Sensor (IAE)

Vibration Test of Acceleration Sensor & Development of CAE Analysis

Development of Sequential NGH Generator

Start-up OFE (Owner Furnished Equipment) & Material Supply

Build the Rig CMMS Asset Data (Group R No.3026)

Execution of Jack Up Rig Model Design

$5-Million Export Tower / 47th Trade Day

Execution of LNG FPSO Feed Design


Start-up Total Logistics Service

Start-up General Support Service

Start-up Cargo Handling & Machinery Operation Manual

Start-up Engineering Service

Establishment of the R&D Center affiliated with KHAN

ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 (TQCSI)

Start-up Dynamic Positioning Service

Relocation of KHAN headoffice to new building in Aju-dong

Development of Offshore Condition Monitoring System

Development of Offshore Sea water Lift Pump Package

$3-Million Export Tower / 46th Trade Day


ISO 9001:2008 (TQCSI)

Start-up Drill Ship, Semi Rig Commissioning

Certificate of Venture Business (Kibo Technology Fund Korea)

Start-up Offshore Modification Service


Establishment an oversea office in Yantai, Shandong prov. (China)

Start-up Drilling Module Commissioning Procedure


Establishment of the Company

Start-up Drilling Rig & Pipe Layer for Engineering Commissioning Service

Start-up Drilling Rig QA/QC Supporting Service