Derrick Assembly

1. Introduction

offers highly qualified Engineers to ensure assembly of derrick and project can be completed in time and within the allotted budget. The KHAN teams have been involved with a number of projects under different classes.

In addition, Khan have ability to carry out carry over work.


Location Fabrication Yard is located in Geoje Island (Around 40Km distance of sea route to DSME yard)
Address Sungpo-ri, Sadeung-myeon, Geoje, Geongnam, Korea
Key Benefit The yard will be highly suitable for providing Derrick Erection with high quality products through the competitive cost.Jetty Facility access to any global destination.Short sea route for delivery

3. GENERAL SEQUENCE for Assembly

Key Phase

  • Mobilization & Site establishment
  • Lower Section Assembly
  • Middle Section Assembly
  • Top Section Assembly
  • Crown & Gin pole Assembly

Major Lift

  • Crown assembly onto Top Section
  • PRS & Fingerboard Installing
  • Middle Section onto Top Section
  • Top Section onto Lower Section
  • Final Lift