F&G ESD System


Automation of the ship focusses on improving the productivity and efficiency which support the safety of personnel and property, through the reliable control system.  KHAN offers F&G and ESD system solution based on Rockwell Automation PLC hardware redundant system which is the perfect solution for customer in price and performance.

System Configuration

– Reconstructive & extensible distributed Architecture
– High speed wire communication & Wireless Sensor
– Resources & reconstruction of diagnostic

Application Field

– Merchant ship
– LNG Carrier, offshore units
– Drilling Rig / Drillship
– Production Platform


– Reduced manpower
– Provides protective/predicatable maintenance for Whole duration
– Efficient maintenance and improved performance
– Prepare the list of spare-parts and identify the Skilled man-power
– Enhances the durability of the assets
– Cost-effective
– System stability with better connectivity
– Expandability and independency

Advantage of KHAN F&G ESD System

– Immediate action for design change and com-ments
– Cooperation with certified H/W and S/W vendors Skilled worker supply for 1F&G and ESD system
– Vast understanding of Offshore standards and the requirements of the ship 1owner and builder
– Wide experience for software and application programming
– Ability for F&G and ESD system basic engineering
– Secured advance commissioning techniques and vast experience of making 1procedure manuals and installation
– mmediate response



F & G ESD-1