Jack-up Rig Leg

Jack-up Rig Leg

Jack Up leg Fabrication is one of the highest risk areas when fabricating a Jack up Unit. They are often subject to the most volatile conditions and excess forces when jacking into position. KHAN has prepared the yard for capability of the full fabrication of Jack-up legs.


KHAN’s Service

  • Leg fabrication which include prefabrication, leg matching, welding and etc.
  • Leg Fabrication for New-build jack-up drilling rigs / Existing jack-up drilling rigs
  • Technical explanation and Drawings
  • Fabricating process
  • Assembly Equilateral triangle structure
  • Construction Engineering
  • Raw Materials Sourcing
  • Manufacturing/Fabricating
  • Heavy fabrication of high-strength steel
  • Frame cut and/or machined parts
  • Steel forming of pipes, transitions and other heavy components
  • Logistics/Transport
  • Assembly/Installation at the shipyard site

Let our dedication to quality and precision execution produce the results you want on time, on budget and meeting the most rigorous standards.

Jack-up Rig Leg
Jack-up Rig Leg
Jack-up Rig Leg