Drilling Modification & Upgrade

Modification Capabilities

KHAN is specialized in multi-faceted engineering with:

– Technical Integrity Assurance
– Engineering Design for new build
– Rig Activation and Modification
– Conceptual Engineering and consultancy
– Construction and Engineering support.

KHAN provides a comprehensive range of Rig-related services, including rig refurbishment, Rig reconfiguration, Rig design, Rig assembly and testing, and Rig field service. KHAN offers a broad range of Rig refurbishment services other than mud tank installation also including: The “Rig-upgrade” process includes all of the components, including the control system and electrical systems, are assembled for the first time are well-tested and it undergoes a series of tests to ensure safe and efficient operation in compliance with the original design. Once the components of drillship testing are complete, the drillship disassembled, packed, and shipped to the client’s drilling site.

Design for the Drillship/Rig: KHAN custom-designs rigs to meet the needs of its client. In addition to designing new ships, KHAN utilizes its design services in connection with its refurbishment, repair, modification and weatherizing of existing ships/rigs.

Field Services:  KHAN provides drill site services to provide diagnostic support, modifications and repair services to drill ships /rigs manufactured.

Electrical Control Systems and Services:  KHAN designs, repairs and retrofits integrated electrical systems and SCR control systems for a wide range of drilling rigs/ships.

KHAN also provides a comprehensive collection of services which includes:

– Equipment Installation. Once a system has been designed and manufactured,.
– System Start-Up. KHAN ’s team is also trained and experienced in electrical system rig start-up services including the inspection.
– On-Site Troubleshooting and Repair. KHAN maintains a staff of mobile technicians providing on-sight troubleshooting and repair of rig control systems.
– Field Modification of Existing Equipment. KHAN deploys technicians worldwide for a variety of field modifications.
– Retrofit and Rebuild of Existing Equipment. KHAN retrofits and rebuilds existing systems to industry specifications and standards.

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Seadrill West Tellus doc
General Data KHAN Information
Rig Name Seadrill West Tellus Work Duration Oct 2013 ~ Nov 2013
Built By SHI Scope of Work Site surveyDetail DesignInterface EngineeringShop DrawingProcurementPre. FabricationInstallationYard UtilityBerthing & MooringLogistics
Delivery 2013
Classification DNV
KHAN Activity
* Modification of Piping Line, E&I, Structure,Outfitting, Equipment, Mechanical- Vacuum System, Mud Logging Unit, Cutting DryerSystem, ROV Installation etc./Total 39 Packages* Yard Service- Yard Utiliy, Berthing & Mooring, Logistics etc.