TMS(Turret Mooring System)

Turret Integration Sequence

Turret Integration Sequence

Rigid Arm And Turn Table Connection (Stage 1)

– Design by Purchaser and supply by Contractor
– Contractor install Turn Table on Rigid Arm as 1described above.
– Installing will be at yard stage.

– Design by Purchaser and supply by Contractor
– Contractor will do piping and install the equipments 1in Chain Table Case.
– Installing will be at yard stage.

2. Chain Table Set-Up and Assembly (Stage 2)
Chain Table Main Bearing Installation and Rotation Test (Stage 3)

– Chaintable be installed to Turntable below.
– Main bearing installed Chaintable through hole on 1Turntable.
– After installing both Chaintable and Main bearing, 1rotation test will be performed to measure the 1resisting torque of the Turret and to confirm that 1plateness of bearings remains within the allowable 1tolerance when the vessel rotates.

4. Manifold Deck Assembly (Stage 4)

– Manifold deck assembly will be lifted using a heavy 1crane.
– The main installation winch will be delivered as loose 1item and will be lifted onto the manifold after the 1installation of bearing and rotation test .

5. Swivel Stack Integration and Rotation Test (Stage 5)

– Before the integration of the swivels, the swivel stack 1support (thick plate located onto the manifold winch 1deck) must be machined
– After integration of the swivel stack and completion 1of the driving system, a (3rd) final rotation test shall 1be performed. The purpose of this rotation test will 1be to record final turret resisting torque (with swivels 1installed) and to check for any interference between 1the fixed and rotating part of the turret

6. Gantry Installation (Stage 6)

– The gantry will be lifted onto the vessel.
– The gantry will be lifted on turntable.
– A special seal will be installed on each one of the legs
1of the gantry to ensure tightness between the gantry 1and turntable.
– Installing will be at yard stage

7. Hook Up of Components (Stage 7)

– Contractor will perform all the piping and E&I
hook up between all the turret subassemblies, namely:

  • Between chain table and the manifold process deck
  • Between manifold and swivel stack
  • Between swivel stack and gantry
  • Between gantry and vessel/topsides

– Installing will be at yard stage

Description MT
MainStructure Chain Table Structure (CTS) 237
Pull-In Deck Structure (PDS) 56
Turret Head Structure (THS) 340
Turret Support Structure (TSS) 650
Turret Head Bearing Support Structure (THBSS) incl. Bearing Housing Cover 55
Upper Turret Structure (UTS) 216
Swivel Access Structure (SAS) 225
Main Structure 1,779
SecondSteel Handrails, Stairs, Ladders, Platforms, Walkways, & Equip. Supports 45
Riser Access Platform 30
Secondary Steel 75
Piping Piping Systems – Duplex-SS (Class 2500) 10
Piping Systems – Carbon Steel(Class 150, 300 and 2500) 157
Piping Systems – Stainless Steel (Class 150 and 2500) 5
Pig Receiver – Duplex-SS 12
Piping System 184
Total Weight (Excluding Tube, E&I, CFE) 2,038


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