Research and Development


Development of Control System for Bulk & LP Mud Handling System

  • Mud & Bulk System Control & Monitoring
  • Mud & Bulk Transfer System Interface & Test

Main Function of MCS

Bulk (Barite/Bentonite/Cement) System

  • Monitoring : Pressure, Tank Weight and Level
  • Control : Valve Open/Close
  • Automatic Control : Bulk Transfer (Barite/Bentonite)
  • Remote Operation : Bulk Air Valves

Mud Storage/Mixing and Transfer System

  • Monitoring : Mud Pits Level and Density
  • Control : Pump, Agitator, Valve Open/Close

Mud Additive System:

  • Discharge from surge tanks
  • Discharge from Mud-mixing system
  • Prevention of back flow in mud mixer
  • Density control in mixing lines

Mud Treatment System

  • Monitoring: Level and Density in treatment tanks
  • Control(Start/Stop) and Monitoring: Shakers, Degassers,Cutting screw conveyors
KHAN MCS Topology

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KHAN MCS User Interface

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