Carry over work


Carry out the scope of work in two phases naming Phase 1 as “Pre-mobilization” and Phase2 as “Execution”.
Phase1 activities have been implemented under separate Contract.
In Phase2, KHAN shall perform and execute all works planned and identified during Phase1.

● Pre-mobilization

For the execution of the Carryover Work Packs, the below activities shall be prepared in accordance with the established schedule. And the pre-mobilization for the TFT personnel shall be completed within an appropriate time, so that they could carry out the preparatory activities for execution of Phase 2 smoothly.

  • Human Resourcing Plan
    To be contained in this proposal, human resource role serves as an administrative control function, human resource planning develops strategies for matching the skills and size of the workforce to organizational needs. And specifically recruits, trains and restructures the staff/personnel needed to meet PROJECT objectives and any changes within the external environment.
  • Welder, WPS and Qualification Plan
    This plan provided herein encompasses the requirements of qualification for the welder and welding procedure which shall be utilised for the execution of this PROJECT. And the entire base materials used for qualification weld testing shall be supplied by COMPANY to the same specifications as the material usedsubject to COMPANY’s approval and mutual agreement. This qualification plan takes some exception to this rule by only requiring a single test plate to cover multiple thickness qualifications, where the thicknesses are considered to be relatively similar.
    Welders and welding operators required to perform production welding with manual, Semi-automatic, and automatic equipment shall be qualified in accordance with PROJECT requirement. In addition, welding operators shall be qualified on the automatic calibrated production equipment. Welder and welding operator qualification testing shall be performed in accordance with approved welding procedure.
    The required quantities of test specimens to be confirmed later and these will be supplied by COMPANY. And the location of welder test will be discussed separately and HHIs WPS shall be used with cooperation of COMPANY.
    Please refer to the attached “Welder Qualification Test Schedule”.
  • ATEX Qualified Resource Plan
    KHAN to assign Ex Installers, Ex Inspectors, and Ex supervisors to agree with ATEX PLAN and relevant Organization Chart of Project in principle, and all the Explosion proof installation resources will be trained and certified to the ComplEX with exception for Installers that may be conceded to practical assess in the yard.Dedicated ATEX team of Turret during phase 2 shall be deployed at Ship yard, will consist of Ex Installation Group & Ex Inspection Group, and team will be operated jointly by COMPANY

● Execution of Carryover Work

KHAN’s scope of work phase 2 will be detailed in the COW(Carry Over Work) Packs and associated job cards during Phase 1.KHAN shall plan, resource, execute and monitor the performance of the WORK in accordance with the approved management deliverables issued during phase 1. Some additional activities could be performed during phase 2 as COMPANY’s request or mutually agreed.
KHAN’s scope of work shall include the following activities for the WORK,
– Documentation
– ATEX Works
– Regulatory Compliance
– Technical Query and change Control
– Procurement
– Materials Management
– As-Built
– Plan, Scheduling & Reporting
– Preservation
– Project Completion system follow up for MC & Punch
– Vendor Coordination & assist
– Site Administration

● Major Reference – Turret Carryover Work

  • Client: BP
  • Project Description
    – BP Quad 204 FPSO Turret Carryover work
  • KHAN Scope of Work
    – Site survey
    – Job Card Development (Total 233 Job Card)
  • E&I : 109 packages
  • Machinery & Hydro : 25 packges
  • Pipe & Structure : 99 packages

– Procurement
– Installation of

  • E&I equipment, cables ans cable trays
  • Pipe spools
  • Gratings

– Pre-commissioning & Commissioning assistance
– Mobilization of

  • Qualified Welder
  • ATEX Certified Inspector / eletrician
  • Hand tools & equipment
  • Time Line : 2013.09~2014.08
  • Peak Manpower : 200men
Carry Over Work