Drywell Test

Drywell Test

Cooperate with government; KHAN serves the Wellhead test for subsea equipments using drywell in Korea. The well is located in 1,800m water depth, that’s why newly constructed ultra deepwater drillship prefers to use this well before leaving.

We offers highly qualified Engineers to ensure the projects can be completed in time.


Main Services

  1. Preparation & Review of Test procedures.
  2. Mud disposal Service.
  3. Base camp operation.
  4. Support vessels (OSV, Tug boat, Surface cleaning boat, etc)
  5. Manpower supply.
  6. Obtain the permission from government
  7. Logistics Service


Available Test on the well

  1. ROV Operation
  2. Riser Assembly
  3. BOP Launching Test
  4. BOP Function Test
  5. Dynamic Position Test
  6. Mud Circulation Test
BOP Test

1) Subsea Equipment Latching Test

– Assemble Riser / Joint / LMRP / BOP
– Take a Riser down to the Ju Jak Wellhead / Test Stump
– Connecting BOP & Ju Jak Wellhead / Test Stump

2) BOP Function Test

–   BOP main function is preventing oil leak, using Rams
–   Rams are constricted sequentially.
–   Pipe Ram Open and Close function test.
–   BSR (Blind Shear Ram) test.