1. Khan’s capability

For HUC work, KHAN shall perform preparation for offshore site Hook up and onshore pre commissioning /commissioning assistance. KHAN shall provide manpower and materials for hook up work, Mechanical Completion, Pre-commissioning and assistance for Commissioning and Start-up at offshore site.
KHAN shall provide only general tools and equipments for offshore Hook up work.

Main Activities for Phase 1 (Onshore Site)

  • Hook Up Procedures
  • Job Card
  • Work Package Development for Offshore Hook up
  • Execution Plan(Offshore Hook Up, Commissioning Assistance and Start Up Assistance )
  • Mechanical Completion, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Assistance
  • Welder Qualification
  • Shipping Plan and Preparation for Inventory and Ship loose item

Main Activities for Phase 2 (Offshore site)

  • Visa Application and Work Permit for manpower mobilization
  • Mobilization of Manpower
  • Mobilization of Tools and Equipments including PPE
  • Material Handling of Ship loose items
  • Offshore Hook Up Work
  • Mechanical Completion and Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning Assistance
  • Start up Assistance
  • Preservation and Storage
  • Progress Report
  • Demobilization of Manpower
  • Demobilization of Tools and Equipments

2. HUC Work Process


3. KHAN Reference

Mafumeira Sul Project

Mafumeira Sul Project

  • Project : Mafumeira Sul Project
  • Owner : Cabinda Gulf Oil Company(CABGOC)
  • EPCI Contractor : DSME Co., Ltd.
    – Onshore pre-commission stage at DSME
    – Technical documentation work
    – Resource mobilization for offshore work
    – Hook – up work (onshore)
    – Inspection / testing, pre-commissioning (offshore)
    – Assistance during commissioning (offshore)
    – Support during company’s start up operations (offshore)
    – Documentation