Material Procurement


1. One Stop Service

We can give you Total Systemized Solution from the beginning stage of project to sail-away as our main business consists of total service at local for customer convenience, engineering,commissioning, post-delivery work, modification, and bulk spare part/consumable.

This differentiated service makes your project go smoothly, and saves quite a lot expense/time by KHAN ’s total solution system.

2. Fair Cost Effectiveness

All of material will be selected by comparing the quality and cost by the professional material supplier’s point of view. Economic fluctuation and floating exchange rate shall be considered prior to quotation for mutual safe business.

3. Quality

KHAN always supplies qualified goods which meet the marine/offshore standards. According to the ISSA conditions, customer’s claim on the quality which is accepted within 30days after the delivery is taken seriously with good manner for amicable settlement.

4. Export/Import Agency Role

KHAN arries out speedy customs clearance and effective inland transport based on the Enough export/import experience.

5.Technical back-up

KHAN ensures that every customer will have wherever you are at any place in the world we will give you a full service.


KHAN supplies both domestic and overseas products on time with reasonable/fair price and quality controlled by our staffs.

1. Spare parts base on technical background for operation/maintenance
KHAN can provide a variety of spare parts which are made by Korean makers with a role as your technical support & service partner. We have 400~500 sub-suppliers & vendors, so that we can meet your needs.

2. Bulk Material Supply for Sailing-away

3. Engineered Products

1) Fabricated structure for construction & modification
base on the engineering by KHAN
2) Manufacturing machines
3) Piping with welding
4) Piping accessory

Core competencies (Material Supply)


KHAN proposes a material supply service through local and international sourcing and we provide material & spare part with world standard certificate
(DNV, LR, BV, ABS, NK, GR, etc.) along with technical support.

We guarantee that our customer will be satisfied with our qualified material supply service through our professional researching/supporting with more
competitive service performance, reasonable/fair price and on-time delivery.