Project Completion

Project Completion

KHAN has been instrumental in the successful execution and completion of a wide range of small, medium and large sized projects across much diverse geography in different countries.


We are providing perfect service until project completion. Drawing on our knowledge and experience we provide you with professional excellence so you can trust your project is perfection.

  • You will have a dedicated surveyor who will act as your primary point of contact for all your project related concerns
  • Our team contact with local suppliers, technician and manager making efficient use of time and resources to complete outstanding actions
  • We have a number of expert leading you on various offshore field for project completion


We can help by making project completion easy for you, both in terms of the work we can carry out and our technical ability to professionally assess handover and project completion requirements.

  • We complete due diligence of the handover, installations, operational information and documentation in accordance with the contract
  • We check project requirements have been met and record any outstanding defects
  • We can ensure commissioning inspections and tests that require certification are carried out and ensure that they are witnessed by competent professionals
  • We identify and arrange for the satisfactory completion of any outstanding works
  • We arrange a handover inspection involving all relevant engineers, client, a responsible person confirm the concerns that need to be records and required actions.