Site Commissioning

Site Commissioning

KHAN has been providing Site commissioning services for many years. And we also finished several site commissioning project which are Middle-Asia Project, Nigeria Project, etc perfectly.

And also KHAN is working commissioning project including Pipe commissioning and start-up, electrical and I&C part commissioning engineering including DCS/ESD/F&G System refinement including Modbus Serial Points Mapping will be carried out. In parallel with electrical and I&C, mechanical and piping commissioning engineering, also will be start, as required.

Commissioning Services

Commissioning preparation stage on site

Commissioning preparation stage on site

  • Commissioning tool and equipment handling and preparation
  • Steel and piping work preparation for commissioning
  • Commissioning spare part and consumables preparation as per plant condition
  • Site facilities status check for commissioning execution
  • Required spare part and equipment component check
  • Detail work package preparation for actual execution team
  • Additional work package preparation listed on final hand over punch
Commissioning execution on site

Commissioning execution on site

  • Export Gas Compression Train
  • Power Generation System Train
  • Instrument and Plant Air System
  • Condensate stabilization and Flash system
  • Gas Metering Package finalization
  • Loop functionality(HW) Reconfirmation
  • Valve calibration and Valve Overhaul
  • Electric System Package
  • Instrument & Control System Package
  • Communication System Package
  • Process Related System
  • Utility System
  • HVAC System
  • Civil System
Plant Startup preparation

Plant Startup preparation

  • Process piping and utility piping leak check
  • Inerting
  • Startup operation test with test medium
  • Preparation of sour gas service with system tuning
Site work finalizing

Site work finalizing

  • Operation status check for plant
  • Transportation status check for from plant to platform to pipe with gas
  • Transport status check for from platform to plant