Yard Commissioning

1. Introduction

KHAN offers highly qualified Engineers to ensure commissioning projects can be completed in time and within the allotted budget. The KHAN teams have been involved with a number of projects under different classes. By application we are able to offer our offshore clients and world class shipbuilders, 100% commitment to ultimate financial and operational success.

2. Commissioning Procedure

  • Comprehensive Writing for each system(Marine system/Drilling system/Utility & Process system)
  • Developing Tailor-made document(Owner requirement, Rules & Regulation, Vendor Requirement)
  • Time effective
  • Document Uniformity
  • Completion Record
  • Management and implementation of Commissioning activities in accordance with relevant commissioning procedures.

MC Verification, Test Scenario, Mobilization, Risk Assessment, Test Sequence planning

3. Detailed Commissioning Process flow

comminssioning process flow